Artist Statement

Clay captivated my interest over 35 years ago. The act of taking a soft and malleable material and transforming it into something permanent that is both sculptural and usable, has fueled my passion. Working as a potter with a strong interest in form, I have explored endless approaches to functional objects using inspiration from several sources. I look at diverse aspects of nature, studying the organic shapes, patterns and colour variations found in sources as varied as tulips, cacti, and the blue heron. Incorporating elements from these sources can often inform the shape of a vase or the surface of a bowl, however, it’s their elegance, gestures, and eccentricity I most want reflected in my work. Once an idea is developed, it continues to evolve and inspire new work.

I work primarily with porcelain clay, studying its possibilities and limitations, while embracing its purity in colour and the effect that has on the glazes I choose. My interest has always been to explore different methods of working and thinking, while making objects that are refined and functional, yet spirited. I often create pieces that have been thrown in multiple ways, sometimes upside down or in several sections which are then altered, manipulated, carved and assembled. In this way I create movement that captures some of the making process, animates the form, and breathes life into the finished piece.

Once the work is constructed and initially fired to set the clay, I apply layers of glaze which produce a richness and depth to the surface. It is then fired to 2400*F in a gas reduction kiln, completing the process. When removed, each piece is ready to take on a life of its own, to be seen, to be felt, to be used, and to be contemplated.

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